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Policy and work in progress

This page contains work in progress and policy publications in (more or less) chronological order.

Griffith, Rachel (2024) "Policies for Inclusive Growth" National Institute Economic Review,

Abi-Rafeh, Rossi, Pierre Dubois, Rachel Griffith and Martin O'Connell (2023) "The effects of sin taxes and advertising restrictions in a dynamic equilibrium" CEPR DP 18527 (updated version)

Aghion, Bergeaud, Blundell and Griffith (2023) "Social skills and the individual wage growth of less educated workers"


Griffith, R (2023) "The costs of obesity" IFS Report, 13 July 2023,

Costa Dias, M., J. Gathergood and R. Griffith (2021) "The gender pay gap for professors in the UK" Royal Economic Society Newsletter, July 2021

Griffith, R., V. Jenneson, J. James and A. Taylor (2021) "The impact of a tax on added sugar and salt" IFS Working Paper W21/21, 15 July 2021

Griffith, R. (2021) "How does the price of different food products vary with the healthiness of that product?" Rachel Griffith, 24 June 2021

On 14 April 2021 I gave my Presidential Lecture at the Royal Economic Society Annual Conferece "Obesity, poverty and public policy", you can watch it here

In September 2020 I visited McMaster (virtually) and gave three lectures 
      Price floors and externality correction 
      Inequalities and wage progression (The Distinguished Hooker Public Lecture) 
      Wage progression in low-educated jobs 


"Getting people back into work" Monica Costa Dias, Christine Farquharson, Rachel Griffith, Robert Joyce and Peter Levell
      IFS Briefing Note, 4 May 2020 
      Video, 4 May 2020


"The impact of Covid-19 on share prices in the UK" Rachel Griffith, Peter Levell and Rebekah Stroud
      IFS Briefing Note, 27 March 2020 
      Video, 4 May 2020

Should the government control what we eat? UCL Economics Society, 15 October 2019 

Communicating what economists really do, Society for Professional Economists Annual Lecture, 14 October 2019 

What is Economics? British Academy Blog, 4 October 2019 

"The evidence on the effects of soft drink taxes" IFS Briefing Note, 24 September 2019, with Martin O'Connell, Kate Smith and Rebecca Stroud 

"The potential impacts of banning television advertising of HFSS food and drink before the watershed" Report, 28 May 2019, with Martin O'Connell, Kate Smith and Rebecca Stroud 

"Children's exposure to TV advertising of food and drink" IFS briefing note, 31 May 2019, with Martin O'Connell, Kate Smith and Rebecca Stroud 

"Tax design for sin goods"

Keynote lecture, IIPF, Glasgow, 21 August 2019; 

CORE Lecture, Louvain-la-neuve, 24 April 2018

Keynote lecture, AFSE annual conference, Nice, 19 June 2017

Musgrave Lecture CESifo, Munich, 27 April 2017 

"Sweetening the sugar tax?", IFS Observation, 16 December 2016 

"Income, prices, time use and nutrition" 
      ZEW 9 October 2018 

"Stemming the rise in obesity: the role of public policy" ECORES Lecture, Brussels, 20 April 2018

"Food choices and public policy" British Academy Review, No. 31 (Autumn 2017)

"Dismal ignorance of the "dismal science" - a response to Larry Elliott" Prospect Magazine

"State Aid Control When the Rest of the World Disagrees: Are the Tax Cases just the Tip of the Iceberg?" Video, CRA conference Brussels December 2016

"Does Starbucks Pay Enough Tax? Royal Economic Society Public Lecture 2015 

"Gluttony and sloth?", European Economic Association Presidential Lecture, Mannheim, August 2015


Full lecture

Short video
"Tax Lies and Videotape" Interview on Panorama on September 2013 

"Offshoring of high-skilled workers is not a zero sum game" VoxEU, March 2012 


"Demand for fruit and vegetables: the impact of 5 a day" Slides, AEA, January 2012 


"Patent Boxes: An innovative race to the bottom?" VoxEU, June 2011 

"Corporate taxes and intellectual property: simulating the effect of Patent Boxes" IFS Briefing Note BN112, Nov 2010

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