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Griffith, R., W. Jin and V. Lechene (2022) "The decline of home cooked food" Fiscal Studies 43:2, June 2022, 105-120

Download paper [Guardian Article]

Dubois, P., R. Griffith and M. O'Connell (2022) "The Use of Scanner Data for Economics Research" Annual Review of Economics Vol 14 (August) Download paper (requires login) [pdf (does not require login)]

Griffith, R. (2022) "Obesity, poverty and public policy" Economic Journal 132: 664, 1235 - 1258 Download paper watch my Presidential Lecture at the Royal Economic Society Annual Conferece 2021, here

Griffith, R., M. O'Connell and K. Smith (2022) "Price floors and externality correction" Economic Journal, 123: 646, 2273-2289 

Download paper

Griffith, R. and J. Van Reenen (2022) "Product market competition, creative destruction and innovation" in The Economics of Creative Destruction, Akcigit and Van Reenen (eds) and CEPR DP16763 Download paper

Dubois, P., R. Griffith and M. O'Connell (2020) "How well targeted are soda taxes?" American Economic Review, 110 (11), November 2020

Download paper     Online Appendix   (replication data available via publishers website)

Griffith, R., P. Levell and A. Norris Keiller (2021) "Potential consequences of post-Brexit trade barriers for earnings inequality in the UK" Economica 88: 352, 839-862 Download paper  Read VoxEU  Read Economic Observatory

Cherchye, L. B. De Rock, R. Griffith, M. O'Connell, K. Smith and F. Vermeulen (2020) "A new year, a new you? Within-individual variation in food purchases" European Economic Review, 127 Download paper  Read VoxEU 

Griffith, R., M. O'Connell, K. Smith and R. Stroud (2020) "What's on the menu? policies to reduce young people's sugar consumption" Fiscal Studies, March 2020, 165-197 Download paper

Crawford, G., R. Griffith and A. Iaria (2021) "A Survey of Preference Estimation with Unobserved Choice Set Heterogeneity" Journal of Econometrics, 222:1, 4-43 Download paper  Correction

Griffith, R. and A. Nevo (2019) "Marketing and public policy" Chapter 10 in Handbook of Economics of Marketing, Volume 1 (eds J-P Dube and P Rossi) North-Holland, 553-596 Chapter

Griffith, R., M. O'Connell and K. Smith (2019) "Tax design in the alcohol market" Journal of Public Economics, Vol 172, April 2019, 20-35

Download paper  Read VoxEU   (replication data available via publishers website)

Griffith, R., M. Krol and K. Smith (2018) "Why do retailers advertise store brands differently across product categories?" Journal of Industrial Economics, 66 (3), September 2018, 519-569 Download paper
Griffith, R., S. von Hinke and S. Smith (2018) "Getting a healthy start: the effectiveness of targeted benefits for improving dietary choices" Journal of Health Economics, Vol 58 (March 2018), 176-187 Download paper
Griffith, O'Connell and Smith (2018) "Corrective Taxation and Internalities from Food Consumption" CESifo Economic Studies, ifx018
Download paper
Dubois, Griffith and O'Connell (2018) "The effects of banning advertising in junk food markets" Review of Economic Studies, 85:1, 396 - 436
Download paper  Read VoxEU   Replication data (zip)

Griffith, Nesheim and O'Connell (2018) "Income effects and the welfare consequences of tax in differentiated product oligopoly" Quantitative Economics 9, 305-341 Download paper
Griffith, Lee and Straathof (2017) "Recombinant innovation and the boundaries of the firm" International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 50, January 2017,pp34-56 Download paper   Replication data (zip)

Abramovsky, Griffith and Miller (2017) "Domestic effects of offshoring high-skilled jobs: complementarities in knowledge production" Review of International Economics, 25(1), February 2017, pp 1-20 Download paper
Griffith, O'Connell and Smith (2017) "The importance of product reformulation versus consumer choice in improving diet quality" Economica, 84(333), January 2017, pp 34-53 Download paper
Griffith, Lluberas and Luhrmann (2016) "Gluttony and sloth: long-run changes in bodyweight, diet and labour market activity" Journal of the European Economic Association, 14(6), Dec 2016, pp 1253 - 1286
Download paper (replication data available via publishers website) Read VoxEU
Griffith, O'Connell and Smith (2016) "Shopping Around: How Households Adjusted Food Spending Over the Great Recession" Economica, 83(330), pp 247-280, April 2016 Download paper
Griffith, O'Connell and Smith (2015) "Relative prices, consumer preferences, and the demand for food" Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 31(1), 116-130 Download paper
Griffith, Miller and O'Connell (2014) "Ownership of intellectual property and corporate taxation" Journal of Public Economics, 112, 12-23
Download paper
Griffith and Miller (2014) "Taxable Corporate Profits" Fiscal Studies, 35: 4, 535-557 Download paper
Dubois, Griffith and Nevo (2014) "Do Prices and Attributes Explain International Differences in Food Purchases?" American Economic Review, 104(3), 832-867 Download paper
Griffith and Macartney (2014) "Employment Protection Legislation, Multinational Firms and Innovation" Review of Economics and Statistics, 96(1), 135-150 Download paper   Replication data (zip)

Griffith and Nesheim (2013) "Hedonic methods for baskets of goods" Economics Letters, 120, 284-287 Download paper
Griffith, Lee and Van Reenen (2011) "Is distance dying at last? Falling home bias in fixed effects models of patent citations" Quantitative Economics, 2 (2011), 211-249 Download paper  Read VoxEU
Griffith and O'Connell (2010) "Public Policy Towards Food Consumption" Fiscal Studies, 31(4), 481-507 Download paper
Griffith, Harrison and Simpson (2010) "Product market reforms and innovation in the EU" Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 112(2), June 2010, 389-415 Download paper
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Griffith, Leibtag, Leicester and Nevo (2009) "Consumer shopping behavior: how much do consumers save?" Journal of Economic Perspectives, 23(2), 99-120 Download paper
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Griffith, Harrison and Macartney (2007) "Product market reforms, labour market institutions and unemployment" Economic Journal, 117, C142-C166(1), March 2007 Download paper  Replication data (zip)

Griffith, Haskel and Neely (2006) "Why is productivity so dispersed?" Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 22(4), Winter 2006 Download paper
Griffith, Huergo, Mairesse and Peters (2006) "Innovation and productivity across four European countries" Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 22(4), Winter 2006 Download paper
Aghion, Griffith and Howitt (2006) "The U-shaped relationship between vertical integration and competition: theory and evidence" International Journal of Economic Theory, 2, 351-363, Sept 2006 Download paper
Griffith, Harrison and Van Reenen (2006) "How special is the special relationship? Using the impact of US R&D spillovers on UK firms as a test of technology sourcing" American Economic Review, 96, 1859-1875, Dec 2006 Download paper   Replication data (zip)

Aghion, Griffith and Howitt (2006) "Vertical integration and competition" American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 96, 97-102, May 2006 Download paper
Abramovsky and Griffith (2006) "Outsourcing and offshoring of business services: the role of ICT" Journal of the European Economic Association, 4, 594-601, May 2006 Downlaod paper
Aghion, Bloom, Blundell, Griffith and Howitt (2005) "Competition and innovation: an inverted U relationship" Quarterly Journal of Economics, 120, 701-728, May 2005 Download paper   Replication data (zip)

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Griffith and Freeman (1993) "Surplus ACT - A Solution in Sight?" Fiscal Studies, 14(4), 58-73, November 1993 Download paper

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